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The Rhythmist Cycle

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The Rhythmist Cycle #1

Life has never been easy for Derrick. Having been raised among the Nixormans—a species with quick reflexes who pride themselves on being great soldiers—all Derrick wants is to join the human world and finally belong. When Derrick meets a human girl in the forest, he finally takes a stand against his guardian and leaves for the human kingdom. But what he expected is far from what he finds. The human kingdom is suffering from the winter and is bathed in more Darkness than what he imagined.

Being the princess of a suffering kingdom cursed with an eternal winter didn't make Kota Holland's life as grand as it could be. Especially after her mother dies and her father marries a Dark mage. But when her father becomes ill and her stepmother takes control, Kota will do anything to heal him—even if it means dabbling with Dark magic for a cure.

When a cunning Dark mage enters their lives and offers to fix everything, Derrick and Kota find themselves making an unbreakable deal to get their answers. Failure to uphold their end of the deal and a curse will take their lives.

As Derrick’s and Kota’s lives intertwine, they find the winter growing stronger and the kingdom's resources depleting. Without the answers they seek, more is at stake than just their lives. They risk the entire kingdom’s survival.

One wrong step and everything they’ve worked for will crumble.

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A Gleam Amidst the Dark

The Rhythmist Cycle #2

The eternal winter is broken and spring is coming. Though the High Realm is in more danger than before…

After discovering the truth of his past, Derrick journeys to the Elven Land where he can grow his Rhythmist abilities and work to destroy Dark magic, and restore peace to the High Realm. Though Derrick can't let go of feeling like this destiny was forced on him and the weight pressing on his shoulders is heavier than he expected--or even wanted.

Kota was lucky to survive against the Dark mark placed on her, though she wasn't prepared for the scars that accompanied the gruesome mark. In an effort to redeem herself from her mistake, Kota joins Derrick on his quest to defeat Darkness. But doubts cloud her vision and she doesn't know how to continue on.

Elias battles with the Darkness within him and it's grown worse since saving Kota's life. And when Queen Lavinia returns and forces a task on him, he has two choices: drown in the Darkness or accept her task to kill the Rhythmists and the girl he loves.

Join Derrick, Kota, and Elias on a harrowing journey in the gripping sequel of The Rhythmist Cycle as they fight to dispel Darkness and overcome their haunting mistakes.

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A Warrior at the Keep

The Rhythmist Cycle Novellas

Over a hundred years before the eternal winter, the High Realm lived in peace. The Rhythmists ruled and fought against the Dark mages trying to rise to power.

But the peace didn't last forever, and Zamora's life took a turn she didn't foresee.

A WARRIOR AT THE KEEP contains two stories that give readers a peek into Zamora's life during her time working for the Dark One and the events leading to the Dark War.

These novellas are recommended to read after A GLEAM AMIDST THE DARK and before A BLAZE AGAINST THE RUIN.

A Song Among the Silence

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